Battery Watering Gun - Reduced Nozzle & Sharp Bend
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The SFS-300 Battery Watering Gun is sized to fit industrial lead acid batteries with small diameter vent caps. Unlike the SFS-200, this model features a 45 degree bend for easier access into tight areas. It hooks to any standard water hose capable of supplying 15psi of flowing pressure. Adjustable level control rings can quickly adapt the gun to various fill heights for different batteries. Operation is simple by inserting the tip into the battery cell and squeezing the handle. Water will flow into the battery cell to the required level and the gun will shut off. Simply release the handle, move to the next cell and repeat. Yields much more accurate and consistent filling levels than manual filling methods. The front trigger handle and bent nozzle comfortably allow the user to water batteries without straining. The gun simplifies battery filling while safely keeping the operator away from direct acid contact. Keep your employees safe and your batteries properly watered. Put a Battery Watering Gun in your battery room. No facility should be without one.

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Battery Watering Gun - Reduced Nozzle & Sharp Bend

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